Feature Wall Ideas that are enough to transform an Interior

Most homeowners get bored with their older interior look. They are looking to transform the space into a fresh design. If you are one of them then, see these feature wall ideas that are inexpensive and effective.

You don’t have to decorate your entire room for a fresh feel; one feature wall is enough to do it. It is not limited only to the living room and can help in creating a statement to any wall of bedrooms to bathrooms. 

Let's start with,

15 Creative Feature Wall Ideas that can Impress Anyone

1. Rough Concrete wall

Concretes are not only for construction work but it can also be used to create a feature wall. A rough concrete wall adds more depth and texture to space.

If you want this in your room then get help from residential interior designers in Mumbai city. 

2. White Brick Wall

If you have white colour wall then you should definitely try this feature wall for the living room.

It can add texture and depth in a boring space. 

3. Deep Blue Colour

Deep blue is a trending colour right now, homeowners are using it to make the room bold. If you have a light colour wall then paint one wall with deep blue.

It will look gorgeous especially in bedrooms and living rooms.

4. Wall Tiles

We spend our quality time with family in the living room, that's why it becomes important to create the good atmosphere inside the space.

This is one best creative feature wall ideas to use tiles that matches with your whole home decor.  

5. Show Creativity with Tape

If you are searching for DIY feature walls here you found one. It is very simple and easy, you just need to be a little creative with the tape.

You can also use colourful tapes to decorate wall and make it more attractive. 

6. Same Pattern but different Colour

This is a simplest feature wall for the bathroom that will add good vibes inside it.

Use the same pattern tile in all walls but change the colour of tile for the featured wall you want to create 

7. Use Wooden wall

Nowadays people are liking to give natural tones their interior space. Having a wooden feature wall can be effective towards this goal. 

8. Wall Panel

There are a lot of traditional homes that are lacking the touch of modern design feel.

A wall panel can intently transform any space easily and effectively. Mostly it is used in bedrooms and living rooms. 

9. 3D Mosaic Wallpaper

Wallpapers in 3D are gaining popularity among the new homeowners.

This can be a great idea for feature wall living room that also adds more depth inside the space. 

10. Paint with Hands

If you love to paint then use this DIY feature wall in the living room.

Draw any kind of pattern that can attract eyes. 

11. Built-in Wardrobe

Some people don’t like built-in wardrobes, if you have one, then it can turn into one of easiest feature wall ideas for the bedroom.

Just repaint it with your favourite dark colour, so it becomes a statement wall of the room.  

 12. Wall Murals

A mural is a piece of artwork painted or applied on a single wall.

You can try this idea to create a feature wall, it can be costly if you choose any unique kind of art mural but it will be worth the money you spend. 

13. Wall Planter

Wall planter is a great way to create a feature wall in any interior room. You may need a professional to do it. 

14. Oversized Floral Wallpaper

Use this wallpaper in bedroom on a single wall to create a bold statement. If you have a dark bedroom, then it perfect for a couple 

15. Chalkboard Wall

This is one of best feature wall ideas you can find on the internet.

This idea is used more in kitchens, home offices and to decorate kids’ rooms. So why not you use it.